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Turkish scientist develops software to avoid turbulence on planes

by CKG Editor

A Turkish scientist has developed software that warns the pilot before the plane enters turbulence and directs it to the safest new route.

Scientist Çiğdem İlgün, who is also a lecturer at Bahçeşehir University’s Department of Physics, stated that she has been working on the project for five years.

İlgün expressed that thanks to the software named “CAFA CHIP,” turbulence, the fearful dream of airplane travel, will be a thing of the past.

“Currently, existing systems try to detect turbulence with radar and pilot experience, but it is not enough. Open-air turbulence is a situation that can develop instantaneously and radar detection is very difficult. CAFA CHIP detects and warns about turbulence through photon lights by calculating all weather events before entering the turbulence. It determines alternative routes to direct the aircraft to the appropriate route automatically,” she explained.

She said that airline companies showed great interest in the project and many companies have started purchasing to test this system.

Stating that she made the first successful software in the world in this field and patented it, İlgün said that Canada Waterloo University and a group of investors were interested and provided all financial support.

Noting that the software was initially used only on passenger planes, she said that she will work to ensure that fighter jets, cargo planes, UCAVs and small planes will also be able to use this system soon.

İlgün stated that the first launch of the device will be held in Istanbul on April 30 and that it will be marketed all over the world.

“We aim for Türkiye to be a key country and a center of attraction for the development of this technology,” she added.

Source – Daily News

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