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Somaliland urges int’l community to end conflict in Las-Anod

by CKG Editor

Somaliland authorities have urged the international community to help the region end the conflict in Las-Anod town of Sool region.

In a statement, the region’s foreign ministry called on the United States, the African Union, and the International Community to work in solidarity with our people to restore security in Las’anod and support a long-lasting solution that includes recognition of Somaliland’s sovereignty.

Somaliland said it shares the concerns of the international community regarding the continued violence in Las’anod, which was prompted by the assassination of a politician in December.

“In a good faith effort and to contain the violence and restore stability, the Somaliland government pulled back its security forces from Las’anod, declared a unilateral ceasefire and encouraged all other parties to join,” a statement said.

The region added “the government also supported a Peace Mission by Somaliland’s clan elders to initiate dialogue, and welcomed the initiative taken by neighboring governments to mediate an end to hostilities.”

The statement comes hours after the region was accused of shelling Las-Anod town, killing at least 10 people mostly civilians.

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