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Somalia calls for cessation of hostilities in Sudan

by CKG Editor

Somalia has called for calm in Sudan following deadly battles between paramilitaries and the regular army that left at least 56 people dead and nearly 600 wounded.

On Sunday, explosions and gunfire rang out on the deserted streets of Khartoum, according to witnesses, after the paramilitaries said they were in control of the presidential palace, Khartoum airport and other vital facilities.

In a statement by Villa Somalia, Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud who expressed concern about the developing situation in Sudan has urged the sides to end the fighting.

“We urge all parties involved to come together and resolve their differences through peaceful and constructive dialogue,” the statement reads in part.

It added that ” any further escalation and violence will not solve the challenges facing Sudan but only exacerbate  them.”

President Mohamud expressed his government’s commitment to supporting Sudan to overcome the challenges.

” Somalia stands in solidarity with the people of Sudan during this difficult time,” the President said. ” We call upon the international community to encourage the parties to come to the negotiating table and solve differences through peaceful means to bring an end to the crisis.”

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