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Somali forces recapture villages in Lower Shabelle region

by CKG Editor

Somali forces have today recaptured several villages in the Lower Shabelle region following clashes with al-Shabaab fighters.

According to a statement by the Somali defence ministry, Somalia’s elite forces known as Gorgor has reclaimed villages including Jowhar-Awdheegle, Ay-Butey, Gumeysidid, Kali-Nidyan and Buulo-Nagey. The ministry said that the government forces also destroyed checkpoints manned by the Al-Shabaab group.

Several al-Shabaab fighters were also said to have been killed during the operations. The ministry has not yet commented on the casualties of the Somali military.

The Somali government has recently launched the second phase of operations against al-Shabaab in south-central Somalia.

The government has been fighting to liberate all al-Shabaab-control villages and towns in central Somalia since last July. The government forces succeeded in many towns including Harardhere, a strategic seaport town.

Hundreds of al-Shabaab fighters were also killed during the first phase of the operations.

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