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Historic district council elections open in Puntland State

by CKG Editor

Thousands of Somalis in Puntland state of northeastern Somalia have headed to polls in the first election since the formation of the state.

This is the first time one-person-one-vote elections are happening in Somalia albeit at the regional government level. More than 387,000 voters have registered for the elections across all 37 districts of Puntland state.

Over 3,775 candidates from seven political associations, including President Saed Abdullahi Deni’s KAAH party, are contesting the Puntland Local Council Elections. 

According to the Transitional Puntland Electoral Commission (TPEC), 28% of candidates are women while young candidates represent a notable proportion.

The development has been billed by the international community as a ‘historic’ step towards national-wide one-person-one-vote democratic elections in Somalia.

The partners encouraged all stakeholders to contribute to ensuring the elections are conducted in a peaceful atmosphere and to address any questions or disputes that may arise through dialogue and the legal framework.

The partners believed that Puntland’s experience with direct elections has the potential to inform and inspire the expansion of democracy across Somalia, at all levels of government. 

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