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Costa Rica deports son of al-Shabaab senior leader

by CKG Editor

Lutrnan Warsame Farah, the eldest son of the high-ranking senior leader of Al-Shabaab was rwportedly deported by Costa Rican authorities.

Farah was detained in Costa Rica, where he had been staying in hotel using false identities and a Swedish passport belonging to someone else.

According to Costa Rica authorities, Farah was deported to Guatemala by National Intelligence and Security Directorate (DIS) agents.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) had warned in February 2023 about the possible presence of an Al-Shabaab member in Costa Rica, and Farah is listed by the FBI’s Terrorist Screening Center.

The DIS authorities revealed that Farah entered Costa Rica on January 4, 2023, using a Swedish passport with the name Luqman Abdl Aziz.

He stayed in the country for a month before leaving through an irregular border crossing to Nicaragua.

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